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Scott Clevely

Founder and Project Developer

Scott launched his first membership site over three decades ago, before the Internet was even accessible to the public, and people had to dial in using a telephone and computer.  Fast forward about a decade, and as a serial entrepreneur, he was building websites for his various business ventures, and managing them all had become a solid skill.

With over two decades of experience in the professional film and video industry, he was ready to move on to something new and looking for ways to find more enjoyment in the work that he does, and who he does it for... and where he can do it from.  He needed more freedom in his life.

He started to work remotely around the world, most recently in Roatan, Honduras for 3 months, and currently on the shore of Lake Erie in Long Point, Ontario, Canada, where he lives with his wife and two chihuahuas and now helps others setup their own online businesses, so they too can create more freedom in their own lives.


Penny Cook

Client Support

With Scott being focussed on the development of new projects, and the desire to not be overextended, reducing the level of client support, we've added Penny Cook to our support team, with others being added as the business continues to grow.  All members of the support team specialize in WordPress and BeaverBuilder, to help us assist all of our clients once their websites have been launched.

You can submit a support request to our next available team member here.

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