One thing we constantly get asked, is if we manage Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

The simple answer is "no", but Angela (our Content Coordinator) has been looking for someone we can refer to for a while and she thinks she finally found it. 


"The Unicorn"

Someone who is smart, experienced and doesn't start at $1500 PLUS ad spend. Someone who is small business friendly, yet who can scale WITH you. Someone who understands social media ads and can not only help you with ads, but with a social media strategy. Based out of Littleton Colorado, Next Step Social Communications is your source for all your digital marketing. Katie runs a team of experts who can help you with social, create, run and manage ads and provide reports and reviews to be improving your ROI. 

We will be doing a group meet and great so you can come and meet her to see if she's right for you! All of our clients are welcome to attend this 1 hour session where I'll ask her some questions about what she does and how she does it so you can decide for yourself if she's the right fit for you. 

Register for this free event on Dec 1st at 11am US Eastern.